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The HEPA-"High Efficiency Particulate Air" filter is tested for efficiency and certified to be 99.99% efficient in 0.3 micron particles in size.

The ULPA-"Ultra Low Penetration Air" filter is tested for efficiency and certified to be 99.9995% efficient in .12 micron particles in size.

Rolls of borosilicate micro fiber filter medium are pleated with continuous narrow beads of hot melt compound to create the filter media pack. The mini pleat type media pack provides for a lighter, more compact, more efficient filter. Each filter is factory tested and certified for efficiency and airflow resistance at the test flow rate. All filters can be scan tested for leak detection in accordance with IES-RP-CC-001.3.

Various types of framing are including extruded anodized aluminum, wood (particleboard), poly-pro, galvanneal steel and stainless steel. Frames are available with a closed-cell neoprene gasketing, gel or a knife-edge seal. Face grills are available to protect the filter media from damage.

Centerboards with an air sampling port are available when the static pressure and contamination levels of the filter need to be monitored.

Pressure Drop vs Face Velocity

Pressure Drop vs Face Velocity


·  AT2003-LIT2

·  Ft-lo-lit

·  HEPAa02


·  High Capacity V-Bank

·  VF24

·  HEPA Filter Schematic


Filter Code Translation
(PDF, 10KB)

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