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Air Showers & Misting Showers

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Air Showers and Air Shower Tunnels

Air Showers and Air Shower Tunnels

Air Showers offer an effective way to reduce contaminants carried by individuals entering or leaving a controlled area. The Air Shower can be the solution to many contamination problems.

Air Shower Tunnels are protected passageways that allow large quantities of personnel to pass into controlled areas.

Air Showers and Tunnels supply concentrated CLASS 100 sterile air flows to remove contamination while an individual stands in or walks through a specially constructed air chamber. Pressurized air streams from nozzles at a velocity ranging from 6,000 to 10,000 feet per minute. This ensures the efficient scrubbing action necessary for the removal of particulate matter. Contaminated air is directed downward through the grilles and ...
Misting Air Showers

Misting Showers


Atmos-Tech Industries Misting Showers are used for the control and containment of hazardous dusts, powders and potent compounds. The Misting Shower provides a fine atomized fog to affix any loose powders to the users garment to prevent the powders from becoming airborne or migrating outside of the containment area during degowning. The addition of the Air Shower option aids in the removal of the contaminated water to the bottom containment pan.

  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Epoxy Painted Steel Construction
  • Aluminum
  • Poly-Pro
  • HEPA/ULPA filtration
  • Custom Sizes
  • Custom Configurations
  • Drench Showers
  • Step-off Platforms
  • Soiled Gown Containment
  • PLC ...
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